Thursday 18 October 2012

FantasyCon... the poem!

One thing I totally forgot to mention in my blog post about That There FantasyCon...

During Jon's panel on "Blurring Genres" (pictured right), a member of the audience wrote an actual poem about the panel! Right then and there! He quietly slipped to the front, passed the poem to Jon to read and returned to his seat, and read out it duly was. The poem ran as follows:

"Blurring Genres"

The monkey tennis failed to ignite,
And Octopus TV did not feel right,
Vampire Romance is a bloated mess,
Though I read Harry Potter I must confess,
The stone age 'tec could work quite well,
But on stone punk stories we won't dwell,
Romantic Zombies and ghostly M.P.s
Frankenstein's Monster doing strip tease,
You can blend your genres, mix your themes,
It's only agents who will crush your dreams.

I would love to give you the FantasyCon laureate's name, but sadly his signature is tricky to make out. If anyone has any idea who this earnest chap was, we'll gladly credit him, because frankly, this was awesome.



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