Friday 28 June 2013

Vote Time's Arrow for the VSS Award

Hey all!

So in case you don't routinely hang out with people dressed in tweed and decorated with brass (and why not, fine body of men and women), you should know that the Victorian Steampunk Society (I'll confess I feel that the qualifier is unnecessary, both because, as a rule, pretty all steampunk is Victorian and because, in the event that a member wants to muck about with some non-Victorian steampunk, nobody's likely to say they can't...) holds what are probably the most important awards in the steampunk community - the Victorian Steampunk Society Awards - every year at the Asylum.

Now, our one and only Jonathan Green, author of the ever-popular Pax Britannia series, has blogged about this fact and about how the ground-breaking readership-led Time's Arrow, eighth book in the oldest still-ongoing steampunk series in the world, is eligible for this year's award. And I thought, "You know what? He's bloody well right! I must remind my internet 'peeps' right away, so they can get a shift on and nominate it so as it gets onto the short list, what?"

So I urge you to jump on the VSS Awards web page (linked above) and nominate it now, get this fine work on its way to a richly deserved award...


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