Friday 4 November 2011 Now Trading!

So this is our Very Exciting New Development For Twenty-First Century Ladies And Gentlement Of Discretion And Taste.

At long last, Rebellion Publishing has opened its own book store!

I'm assuming you're a fan of electronic books, of course...*

Well, we got loads! And we're selling them online!

The new Rebellion Publishing Ebook Store,, is the last word in Abaddon and Solaris ebooks. Almost our entire list of electronic is up there already, and they should all be up there very shortly.

And we have the best prices around for our ebooks. Including two very exciting offers! Right now, for a limited time, All Tomes of the Dead books and all Infernal Games books are available for a mere £2!

Which is value by anyone's standard, and I stand ready to call out anyone who says otherwise...

*You are, aren't you? They're the way of the future. They're why electricity was invented. Hell, right now, you're using electricity to read about how important it is to be able to read using electricity! That must be worth something.

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Doug M. said...

The store _was_ there, but now it appears to be gone. Nothing but the Redhat/Apache default page.

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