Wednesday 11 November 2009

Paul Kane - Signing and Interviews

Hi all,

Paul Kane of The Afterblight Chronicles: Arrowhead and The Afterblight Chronicles: Broken Arrow (and a super-secret third upcoming Robert Stokes book) will be at the British Fantasy Society Open Night on the Strand on Friday December 4th.

He'll be promoting his new Hellraiser-inspired anthology, Hellbound Hearts, (this is him signing books at the HBH release in San Jose on Hallowe'en) but should be up for signing copies of his other books and talking about his work in general.

Here's Mass Movement's review of Broken Arrow again, and another rather nice one by Falcata Times.

And here, for good measure, is an interview with Paul by Mass Movement, and another one by GASP etc.

So head on down to the Strand, if you can, and give him some support. Or touch him inappropriately or something, I don't know.


(Photo courtesy of Charles Prepolec)


Scott Andrews said...

I'll be there too, lurking drunkenly in a corner, just in case, y'know, any of you feel like touching me inappropriately :-)

David Moore said...

Why, it'll be some kind of Afterblight party! Try not to show the hellraiser chaps up, though. It's their do, after all.