Monday 19 October 2009

Rule #2: Double-Tap

Listen up, zombie-hunters:

My wife and I watched Zombieland last week, and it is probably the funniest film I have seen this year. Mrs. Moore actually started hyperventilating at one point.

The film is slick, pacy, funny and stylish. It's visually impressive, clever and often ironic, regularly referencing and subverting the genre. Certificate 15, but bloody enough to satisfy fans of undead violence; think of Shaun of the Dead and you have a rough idea. And the hero is a massive OCD geek with a 32-point list of instructions for surviving the Zombipocalypse.

It isn't a conventional zombie-movie plot, being more rom-com than survivalism, but as a parody you'll tend to forgive it that anyway.

See it. And just remember Cardio, Double-tap, Seatbelts, and Bathroom and you're gonna do just fine.


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