Wednesday 17 September 2008

Of hooded men, fantasy gathering and upcoming titles

Hello from your humble editor

Hopefully by now people have begun to get their mitts on the latest title in The Afterblight Chronicles, Arrowhead by Paul Kane. Already this latest addition to the Afterblight universe is receiving positive feedback and Paul himself has been working flat-out to promote the book. An associate of Paul's, Brad Watson, has even put together a trailer for the book. Check it out:

We will also be at Fantasycon this weekend to officially launch the title. Not only will we be selling the book at the promotion price of £5 (a whole £1.99 cheaper than in the shops) but you can also get a glass of wine if you buy the book.  Paul will also be answering questions and doing a reading (of the book that is, he's not some kind of weirdy psychic). 

In other news I can now report the first 6 months' titles for next year for Abaddon. So, the schedule is currently looking like this for 2009.

February - Twilight of Kerberos: The Light of Heaven by David A. McIntee

March - The Afterblight Chronicles: Operation Motherland by Scott Andrews

April - Pax Britannia: Evolution Expects by Jonathan Green

June - Tomes of The Dead: The Way of The Barefoot Zombie by Jaspre Bark

I can also announce a commission from an author brand new to Abaddon, Simon Bestwick

Simon is penning a Tomes of The Dead novel for us called Tide of Souls. It's a great pleasure to commission a writer as diverse and talented as Simon as I've enjoyed his short fiction for years now.

There will be more titles announced shortly but that's just to wet your whistle for now.

While I'm not editing, writing or thinking about books I occasionally get time to read them for pleasure as well. Currently I'm enjoying Stephen King's Dark Tower series, which I've been meaning to get round to for ages. It's a nice melange (I love that word) of King's styles in something that's not quite fantasy, horror or western but works adequately well as all three. I'm 3 books in at the moment and plan to plow on all the way to book 7.

Anyhew, happy reading.

Jonathan Oliver 


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