Monday 18 February 2008

Headless Chicken

Yes, I have been running around like one, but in a good way. So much going on here at Abaddon!
Firstly, I have received the advance copies of Twilight of Kerberos: Shadowmage and it looks ace. This title will be hitting a book shop near you any day now. Matthew Sprange's tale of sword and sorcery is a must read and only the first book in what it going to be a much bigger series.
I have also been reading the first halves of Twilight of Kerberos: The Clockwork King of Orl by Mike Wild and Tomes of The Dead: I, Zombie by Al Ewing. I couldn't be more pleased with how these titles are shaping up. I can guarantee you that you are in for a treat with these novels.
Also, landing on my desk this last week was the final manuscript for Jaspre Barke's Afterblight novel Dawn Over Doomsday. I'm only 50 pages in to my first edit but I'm more than pleased with this extension of the Afterblight universe. Mr Bark has done us proud and I'm personally very proud of how this series is shaping up. Colour me chuffed.
Also - yes another also - Pax Britannia: Leviathan Rising by Jonathan Green (out in March) will include a bonus short story, 'Vanishing Point.' So, once you finish Leviathan Rising you can sate your hunger for more Ulysses adventure, immediately. 
In other news we're drawing up plans for various Abaddon promotions this year and finalising a potential deal with a US distributor. So, it's all go here.
US readers, I realise that there has been a slow-down on the titles available in the States and for this I apologise. This is an issue we're working very hard to rectify at the moment. Needless to say I think we're almost on the clincher of a deal which will see our books spread once more through your fair country.

On a personal note - because I know you're vastly interested in me - I have mostly been reading London Revenant by Conrad Williams in my spare time, which I can thoroughly recommend. An intriguing blend of twisted fantasy and horror. Go look it up and check out some of Conrad's other titles too. He is very good.
I have mostly been listening to Ben Folds, Bill Evans, Charlie Mingus, Nick Cave and AC/DC the past few weeks.

More news from the edge soon.

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